New Year; New Intent

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018!

We all have high hopes for you, after 2017 was difficult and destabilizing for so many in our country and around the world.

For me there are a lot of new things this year:

New Year!

New House!

New Moon!

New office (coming soon)!

New class (for said work)!

And a new word to carry with me for the next 264 days:


  1. intention or purpose.
  1. resolved or determined to do (something).
  2. (especially of a look) showing earnest and eager attention.

For me INTENT will be purpose driven action; awareness of activity; sourcing everything back to the why and want of what I am doing; a bit of focus, if you will.

We (almost) all make resolutions, goals, and to do items on the first page of a new chapter outline, and this year I have made a 2018 Bucket List.

  • Host a Wine Dinner
  • Sell a product under Corkless
  • Launch an Online Store
  • Get that invention idea functional
  • Submit a book proposal
  • Build Something with my hands
  • Make local friends
  • Sit on a beach

Now some of these might not seem grand or bucket list worthy to you, but each has purpose and is full of intent for me. Only time will tell.

Some people say we only live once. I believe we only die once, and it is our great pleasure to live everyday. I shall live every day this year with Intent.



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