Review of Daring to Drive

** spoiler alert **

This is one of the most eye opening books I have read in many years. Manal Al-Sharif is truly a heroine to all women: Muslins, Christians, and all others.

While I have read of life under extreme Islamic rule, I have never been able to understand how it could start and grow into such an oppressive force. Through her story, Manal showed me the seed, growth, and depth of the oppression. How radical behavior can become the norm.

I saw many parallels between Manal’s teenage years and how she treated her family, and the ways children brain washed by the Hitler youth acted. Extreme Islamic rule, is high radical and close to Nazi behavior. Just as Nazis were partially founded on Christian beliefs, Extreme Islamic rule is founded on the Koran, but both are more similar to each other, than they are to there foundations.

But Manal broke from her radical thought through the awareness of other perspectives. And through that saw the injustice of how women were treated. Here it was the conflict of stating that these rules were there to protect women, put them in danger. And how that injustice just shouldn’t stand.

Manal never set out to be a heroine, but she has become one by showing pride in her country, faith in Islam, respect for her society, passive protest in her actions, and power in her words.

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