Review of Elon Musk: Inventing the Future

Good read that gives a well rounded view of Musk, his fans, and his detractors. I do believe that the author fan boy’s a bit about his subject and gives Musk a gracious benefit of the doubt quite often, but he holds to the facts and shows multiple sides whenever possible.
The book makes me want to invest in a Tesla, not because of how Musk, his engineers, or the author talked about the company, but how the jealous engineer from a big automaker discussed the elegance and cleanliness of the 1 language code that runs the machines. When you have the chance to build things from the ground up, its wonderful when you can take ownership and do them right.
The book also is helpful for seeing growing pains in leadership and company politics. Working with a team or teams that all are striving for the same goal is the best foundation a company can have. With it you can build to great heights, but how everyone interacts towards one another is what ties the strength of that company together.

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