Review of The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

This book was both detailed and simplified. A wonderfully illustrative description of how a group of men full of religious conviction can change the course of history in disastrous ways for millions of people in the world. Their actions deeply affected not only American with the tragedy of 9/11 but also the men and especially the women in the middle east.
The author wonderfully shows how inaction, data hoarding, and interagency politics time and again blinded agents from discovering terrorist in the United States.
As another reviewer stated, the entire build up and ordeal is very complex and there is more to the story than included in this book, but the information is presented very well.
I believe having read this 16 years after tragedy on 9/11/01, I have gained a perspective of the event and world politics that I could not have received had I read it shortly after it was published. Much in the world has changed since that time, women will once again be allowed to drive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but sadly much more needs to be done. This is especially true within the opaqueness of the US national security forces.

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