Review of: Victoria The Queen

By Julia Baird

A good books about a woman full of contradictions. She ruled a great deal of the world, but saw herself and all women as weak of mind and inferior to men. She cared for the poor, but thought they were the cause of their own suffering. She thought her husband so grand to be nearly a Demi-God, but fiercely defended her title as Queen and would not step back. She loved her husband, but though marriage was a horrible institution. When Albert died, she wanted to follow, but continued a strong rule for multiple decades. These dissent contradictions were never a problem for her, or The Queen, as she would often refer to herself in the third person, but it did cause frustrations for her family and ministers.

The book is wonderfully written with new research incorporated and evaluated without losing the thread of Victorias life. A solid historical biography and well done audiobook.

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