The Merits of Fixed Wireless Broadband or Day Job Work

My “day job” is as the Director of Company Development for Conifer Communications a rural Internet Service Provider in the rural foothills of California. My title used to be “Director of Business Development, but while it was the most literal  description of what I do everyone thought I was in sales. My day to day is doing all the business side of things for the small family company: contracts, compliance, HR, projections, advertising, and of course customer service. Everyone in a service company does customer service. Our customers are our most important partners, and without them the company has little purpose.

Some of the things I do for the company don’t fall into an easy category, like meeting with County Supervisors, or hiking through forests, or speaking at an ag tech conference out of our area. But all of these things are there to help us and our customers.

Early this month I had the privilege of speaking about the merits of Fixed Wireless Broadband in rural communities at the Essential Elements Series in Colinga. We were discussing and planning for ways to better serve our farmers, ranchers, and rural community. You can watch my 10 min contribution here. And you can read more about the entire series here. Everyone was there to improve the local access to broadband.

Internet is critical to the success of a community and interwoven in our daily life. And I am proud to work to improve rural access to the internet every day. I love making wine, but the world doesn’t really need another brand on the market. And I love trying recipes and promoting good books and a great lifestyle, but there is something wonderful about a day job that helps improve the lives of people every day.



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