Celebrating 10 years of Butter Beer or Get Harry Potter Drunk

This week was the 10th Anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book. And like many of the other folks of my generation, our lives were forever changed by the Wizarding World the J. K. Rowling created.

One way to celebrate the anniversary of this fabulous influence in our lives and the wonders of that we have from Pottermore in the years since -the discovery of our school house, patronus and many more things is with a Butter Beer. While the magical Wizarding World in Universal Studios has a Butter Beer for all ages, some of us would prefer the real McCoy with a bit of a buzz.

So gather the ingredients, grab a caldron, and whip up this great brew.

Grab some other Potterheaads, have a toast and enjoy!

Butter Beer

Yield: 1 Glass

Butter Beer


  • 1 oz Dark Rum
  • 1/2 oz Butterscotch Schnapps
  • Cream Soda
  • Marshmallow Fluff


  1. Simply pour the liquors in to a glass or frosted mug, then fill with cream soda to a quarter inch below the rim. Stir gently. Then top the beer with a thin layer of Marshmallow Fluff and you are good to go.


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