Startup founders = Artists

Startup founders = Artists or A realization at a Music Fest

Listening to great music at a Traveler’s Rest Music Festival last week, I realize that musicians and techies are more similar than I ever realized.

Coding is like music composition, with its own language, styles, and rifts. Case in point, there are huge paralles, but with the same idea being called different things.

  • A good musician and a good coder and hear/ see when it is off.
  • VCs = record labels
  • Pivot= trying to find your sound
  • Pitch events = battle of the bands
  • Demo day= music festival
  • To be “classically trained” in code you go to Standford instead of Juilliard. And for both if you are really good you just dropout and get huge.
  • Both have their 3 big mecas:
    • LA, Nashville, and New York
    • Silicon Valley, Austen, and New York.
  • Both have their top press magazines: Rolling Stones and Wired.
  • Both have the last generation or rockstars-some of who are relevant, some forgotten.
  • They both even have poster boy humanitarians: Bono and Gates.

Startup founders = artists

(It’s something that I’m sure others have noticed before but it totally hit for me last week)


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