The Woman’s March or Step 1

Yesterday we marched for the right to be present, the right to be heard! To show that we would not back down, we would not reverse or be seen as anything less than equals. We would continue to be a force to be reckoned with!

We are women and men; young and old; black, white, Latina, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and identified by so many more labels and we all demand our civil and constitution rights. Those God given. The Government was put in place by the people to defend these rights. And we peacefully protest that these rights remain and grow strong.

From the park to the Capitol. We march for love, equality, and civil rights – not just for ourselves but for all those who come after us and look back to these days as their history and legacy. #myprotest

And to reply to the critisim that has swarmed myself and others who marched: The majority of the criticism I read was from conservatives. Mostly from back home.

We were called: “embarrassing children throwing tantrums.”; Only there to “drop the F bomb”; Class-less; Only about abortion.

It was said that It was all “fo sho” (for show) and would be a flash in the pan. That we never even gave President Trump a chance as be had only been in office a day. And we were had no real purpose. That we were there because it was simply the cool thing to do.

These are comments from family and friends. And this is the biggest concern I have is that if we can talk between ourselves with different opinions but common connections, how do we build a better and equal world?

Step one was the protest and telling the world where we stood, step two through infinity it connecting, conversing, and building a better world.

As a personal aside, I find it wonderful that the women’s march was on PEO Founding day. Where 7 young women formed a sisterhood to make the world a better place for themselves and other women like them.


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