The 10 Most Important Things to Know about Wine

Sonja Harris, Winemaker since 2005
  1. Drink what you like.  Independent of what others say, what it costs, or if its even wine.
  2. Wine is a type of food. Just with alcohol in it.  Just like beer.
  3. Wine is primarily made from grapes.
  4. When people talk about different things that the wine tastes like, it is because the process is expressing those flavors. They are not added to the product.  Unlike beer.
  5. The majority of wine is not made by people stomping on the grapes.  Though some still is.
  6. Red wine is made by fermenting smashed grapes.
  7. White wine is made by fermenting grape juice.
  8. Rose wine is made by either combining red and white wine, or by keeping the grapes in juice for a bit and then removing them and fermenting the juice.
  9. Treat wine like you would chocolate.  If its too hot to keep a bar of chocolate in the trunk of a car, in a wine rack in the kitchen, or in a closet, its too hot for the wine not to go bad.
  10. If you think something is wrong with the wine, send it back. Back to the bar, the store, or the winery.  They will take it back and give you something that is not corked or spoiled.  No winemaker wants you to drink something you don’t like.

The only 1 of these that really matters is the first.  But the other 9 are also helpful.


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