Hot August Nights or Wine is Like a White Girl, Craving Pumpkin Everything

Hello August and this hot nights!

When I think of August, I think of cars, heat, and the fact that fall is almost here! Kids are going back to school and my shoes are melting on the asphalt. I’ve already been prepping for harvest and and looking forward to leaves on the ground and cooler days ahead.

But one thing I do end up asking myself is, Is the wine ok?  Now I don’t have many fancy bottles, but I do have some good things that will be great in a few years, so I like to lay them down and let them age.

And I have the kind of, sort of, perfect place to let them rest. The space under my stairs in my house that I call the cellar. It is called the cellar simply because it is where I keep my wine, but only the presence of bottles within the space resemble a proper cellar.

I, like many people, do not have the luxury of a cave or professional cellar in my home, so I do the best I can to store my wine by following a few simple Halloween themed guidelines.

Think of wine as chocolate. 

Wine can begin to spoil and suffer from extremes of temperature the same way a chocolate bar can. So if it is too warm for a chocolate bar to travel in the trunk of my car, the wine will not go there either. 





Think of wine as a vampire.

Wine bottles do not like light. The darker the glass of a bottle of wine, the more protected the wine inside it is bottle is from damaging UV light. Just as UV can harm our skin or burn the skin of a vampire, UV light can breakdown the molecules within the wine and negatively effect the flavor.


Corks are not Gremilins, keep them wet.

The cork in a bottle of wine is a very dense sponge that has filled the space of the neck of the bottle to keep the wine from running out. The cork can best maintain that shape and pressure by staying wet. If a cork dries out, it shrinks and space between the glass and the cork is opened up, which can allow wine to leak out or Oxygen to leak in causing the wine to spoil. So keep bottles on their side or upside down in the case.


With these 3 guidelines, I have take the space within the middle of my house, where the temperature fluctuates the least and is out of the sun, to be be my wine cellar.

In a Narnia like way, I part through winter coats to grab a bottle of wine. It’s not glamorous, but the wines are kept beautifully.

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer!


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