It’s Almost Here! … Let’s talk harvest!

Let’s talk harvest!

It’s almost here!
Harvest: a magical time of the year. Full of long days, physical labor, odd eating habits, wishing you still lived with your mom so she could do your laundry, a beer after the day with friends, lots of fun, and lots of work.
For those who work in the industry, we love this time of year. It gets all the credit for making the wine, but this of it more like sex when making a baby.
Actually sex is a good analogy. Taking prenatal vitamins are like pruning, and watering the grapes. Foreplay is prepping the crush pad and picking the grapes. Sex is actually doing the crush of harvest. It takes more than 1 person, it gets messy, you are up at odd times, some times its better than others, there are multiple steps involved and in the end you are ready for bed. Now if we keep going with this idea, we realize that the real work of having a baby is carrying it for 9 months (though in wine those 9 months can last for multiple years), and we do the same with wine. After fermentation is done, we put it in barrel or tank, age it, protect it, test it, and wait for it to develop. Then some more work. Bottling aka giving birth to the wine. Here we blend it, filter it, and bottle it. And then you have your very own bundle of joy to show off to your friends. But remember it won’t be anything interesting for a few years. Each time it carries part of your heart and soul. Each product from one “kid” to the next us similar but totally different and more unpredictable than we would like. Some are chill, some take a lot of work, some take a whole lot of work and some are poster children right from the start.
Yep, harvest is totally the sex of winemaking.
…And that I why I hopped hemispheres for harvest in my 20s. I was a total wine slut.
Hahaha. Sorry mom & dad.

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