The Rule(s) of Wine or You do You!

I know I have written about it before, but the rules of wine are “important’. And that is because some snooty people say they are important.






That’s just a bunch of phony.


There really there is only one rule:

Drink what you like.

That’s it. That’s the only rule in wine; In beer; in spirits; and food too.

Try everything, but drink what you like.

That is it.

People ask me about the “rules” of wine.

Often times people are curious about wine and want to learn the rules about it because they want to “do it right”. Many people, the industry included have made wine seem too complex to simply drink. Really it comes down to 1 thing: taste it all, but drink what you like.

Now of course there is far more to know and say about wine. But when it comes down to what the “rules” should be that’s it: “Drink what you like”. Or more appropriately, “taste everything, but drink what you like.”

Remember, when trying to find a wine you like, it is often easier to flip this rule on its head and “Don’t drink what you don’t like.” As humans we have stronger aversions to things we don’t like that attractions to things we do like. So if you hate pineapple, sweet tropical wines probably aren’t your style. If you doing like anything bitter, stick with sweet or crisp white wines to start. And if you hate a creamy texture in your food, stay away from oaky Chardonnays. As you do this, you will learn more about what you don’t like and more about what you do like and develop a way to tell others about your wine preferences. 

So, try this experiment: Taste some wines (as long as you are legal)! In a tasting room, a wine shop, a resturant, or at friends place. Taste little bits of as many as you can. See what you don’t like and what you do. I know it will be hard, but try and have some fun with it.


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