Wine Words to Remember or How to be Smarter than the Average Wino

Two words that are incorrectly swapped and shared as the same thing over and over again:

Variety / Varieties


Varietal / Varietals

They are quite different, and their improper use is a pet peeve of most winemakers and sommeliers. If you use them correctly you will instantly get brownie points with anyone in the wine industry.

Varieties refer to grapes and plants. 

Varietals refer to wines that are all from one type of variety. 

One easy way to remember it is with the word Liquid. As in “wine is a liquid”. A grape or plant is not a liquid, thus Varietal, with an L for Liquid, is the one you can drink.

You can also remember it with the word Lug. As in when drinking the wine goes “Lug, lug, lug, lug”, but that might make you more of a wino than you know.

-Happy Drinking!


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